Gameful Design Process

Termination of the Process


The process can terminate at different steps. First, one can quit after the analysis in step 2, before entering the iterative process. Then the process of gameful design development is aborted. Within the iterative cycle, there can also be an abort at any time. The steps at which it is recommended to check, whether the process should be continued or not, are:

  • After the analysis of differences in the objectives and weaknesses of actual activities (step 3) - in all runs, but especially in the first iteration run
  • After step 6, the game conceptualization. There, the decision should be made whether the direction is accepted, whether it should be changed or even, if the whole process should be terminated unsuccessfully - in the first run
  • Step 7 (Technical Specification) contains the financial and technical resource planning. Thus, it should be checked during each iteration if it is in line with what the gameful design providers are willing to afford and with the given (technical) infrastructure.
  • The successful summative evaluation (step 9) will be the last step before terminating the process with a successful temporary product finalization. After this, the gameful design will be introduced to the company‚Äôs daily business.

The introduction means just a temporary finalization of the process. It is not unusual that later modifications have to be implemented. For example, more challenging elements could be needed after the users are used to the software to avoid boredom. Or maybe the application is designed for a learning process. After this has occurred successfully, the application is not needed (in this way) anymore and might have to be re-designed or eliminated. Moreover, changed goals, context conditions etc. can lead to the demand of a re-design.