Gameful Design Process

Analysis of Current Solutions to Reach the Objective


In this step, the following questions should be answered: “What do the stakeholders currently do, to reach their goals and fulfill their needs, extracted in step 1?”, “What would they like to do?”

Based on the collected data about activities of the gameful design providers and the users to reach their objectives from the focus groups and interviews, narrative, scenario-like descriptions of the current activities of the users will be generated. A special focus lies on the issues resulting from the gameful design providers’ activities to reach their goals. Adequate methods for process modeling have to be chosen with respect to the specific task. This process step results in a description of activities of the company's management as well as narrative descriptions of the users’ activities, process models.

Tools, Methods and Links

  • Hierarchical Task Analysis (HTA)
  • Concur Task Trees (CCT)
  • Use Cases
  • Activity Diagrams
  • Scenarios

Input - Action - Output

Results of process step 1

Narrative, scenario-like descriptions of the users' activities

Methods for process modeling

Narrative descriptions of current and wished activities
Formal process modeling