Gameful Design Process

Analysis of Differences in the Objectives and Weaknesses of the Current Solution


Based on the goal definitions, scenarios and process models, the differences between the objectives of the management and the users (and other stakeholders) are elaborated systematically. Therefore, the main and most relevant objectives are identified (e.g. by frequency, prioritization or meaning for the actual task) and listed, as there are usually numerous objectives. Then, these objectives are compared with each other as well as with the current state. In order to do this they might be placed on a chart or matrix if this is considered to be useful or written down in a list.

If you prefer lists, you can use pen and paper or work with digital ticket systems. These systems enable you to create different lists (e.g. for different priorities) and you can flexible move goals from one list to the other. Moreover, such systems are usually multi-user enabled and thus we recommend it for team work in remote situations.

Tools, Methods and Links

Input - Action - Output

Goal definition, scenarios, process models, results of the requirements analysis

Identification of relevant / prioritized goals
Goal comparison
Comparison of current and wished situation

List (maybe also chart, matrix) of the main goals to focus on
Collection of the largest differences