Gameful Design Process

Decision about the Weighting of the Different Ways to Reach the Objectives


In order, to reach the basic objectives of the stakeholders, it is necessary to get a common "direction". We identified three basic ways to reach this:

  1. User sensitizing: By sensitizing the users to the goals of the gameful design providers, commitment and a higher acceptance of the gameful design providers’ objectives is created. An approximation in direction of the gameful design providers aims occurs.
  2. User orientation: This means the approximation in direction of the users aims. Their needs are given priority.
  3. Enrichment: Additional (gameful) aims are created, which include the gameful design providers’ and users’ objectives. Thus, by achieving these additional aims the original objectives of the stakeholders are reached, too.

User sensitising

User orientation


Typically, a blend of these ways will be used, especially if there is a large gap between the original objectives. The decision about the weighting of the ways to reach the objectives is based on the results of the step before. It is essential to do this weighting for each (relevant/main) goal in order to provide a basis for the further design process. It will be performed in a rather informal process, proposals are made and discussed with the company. The decision should be made with respect to priority considering current activities.

Input - Action - Output

List (maybe also chart, matrix) of the main goals to focus on
Collection of the largest differences
Discussing the possible ways and weighting them
Decision about weighting the ways to reach the goals